Über mich

Christiane Obermayr (Akal Kiret) works and lives in Cologne and is mother of one daughter.
After graduating as a dancer and massage therapist, she studied Fine Arts with the main focus on Performance Art at the College in Braunschweig. From 2002 until 2010 she performs in a duo with Dorte Strehlow and creates Performances, in which various artist from different disciplines such as visual art, dance and theater participate among others „Wer träumt schon von Mohrrüben“ (Eisfabrik Hannover 2004), Ich sehe was was du nicht siehst (Blaue Halle, Hannover 2006) und Alltagsfliegen (TheaterFensterzurStadt 2008). Since 2014 she is part of the network PAErsche and organizes
various formats of performance art.

„My process feeds on the everyday through a constant research on the human being as a body and its relationship with the world. This connection is elemental and asks for the essential: How does relationship come into being?
Over 20 years of work as a massage therapist and yoga teacher encourage this process, which reflects relationship its abysses, ambivalences and longings in the focus of a poetic transmission.“